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Montgomery County Rep Needed!

ACPA County Rep Needed!
Montgomery County is in need of a volunteer ACPA County Representative. An ACPA County Rep must live within Montgomery County and respond to queries and concerns about cemeteries within the county. If you are interested in preserving Montgomery County's cemetery heritage and enjoy interacting with people and recording cemeteries, then you are an ideal candidate to be the next ACPA Representative for Montgomery County.

Montgomery County is the fourth largest of the 67 counties in the State of Alabama. It was created by an Act of the Legislature of the Mississippi Territory on December 6, 1816. Originally Montgomery County embraced the whole of central Alabama. But in time it was subdivided into other counties. It has been noted that Montgomery County is older than the State of Alabama. Montgomery has a very colorful history.

Settlers first began to populate the county in the early 1800's. The "Federal Road" which ran from Washington, DC to New Orleans made it's way diagonally across the territory that was to become Montgomery County. The "Federal Road" was in use in the late 1700's. Because it was one of the major migration routes, many settlers from the east settled in Montgomery County and later many migrated on to new territory in other parts of the south and west. Montgomery County was named in memory of Major Lemuel P. Montgomery, of Virginia, who was the first man to be killed in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend.

Montgomery County Guide

It is the mission ACPA Montgomery County representative to assist you in your endeavor to restore, preserve, adopt and/or with the registration of cemeteries located in Montgomery County. The ACPA strives to be of assistance in these matters to individuals, groups, and businesses who have an interest in the preservation of our cemetery heritage. This website has much to offer in being of assistance and guidance in dealing with the problems facing our aging and often abandoned cemeteries. In these cemeteries we wittiness the results of neglect, vandalism and the effects of time and weather. ACPA can be of assistance to you as a concerned citizen in making a difference in the history of these cemeteries. The pages of this website offers an abundance of important and useful information to help you.

Cemeteries in Need

Below are just a few cemeteries in Montgomery County that need some care and restoration.

Antioch Cemetery
Hardt Cemetery
Harper Cemetery

Register Your Cemetery

Please help the ACPA reach their goal of registering every cemetery in the State of Alabama. We encourage you to register your cemetery or cemeteries with the ACPA Cemetery Register. Click on the "Register A Cemetery" button below.


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