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Baldwin County, AL

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Welcome To Baldwin County

Baldwin County, Alabama is the largest county east of the Mississippi River, covering almost 1,600 sq. miles. It was first formed in 1809 by the legislature of the Mississippi Territory. Former home of the Tensas and Creeks, Muscogee Woodland Indians, this area has been influenced by the French, Spanish, English, Scottish, Canadian and Irish; later by the Italians, Greeks, Germans, Swiss and Dutch and now is truly international. The intracoastal waterway links Pensacola to the east with Mobile in the west. Baldwin is bounded on the north by lush woodlands and fertile farmlands and on the south by sparkling beaches, all transected by fresh water creeks and rivers. Baldwin County has well over 200 cemeteries. This is the place for the annual Shrimp Festival and German Sausage Festival, Spanish Moss and oyster shells, salt air and Jubilee. Since its earliest days of pirates and planters, shell banks, salt mines and sugar cane - life is good on Alabama's southern shore.

Your County Guide

The Alabama Cemetery Preservation Alliance and the Baldwin County Genealogical Society are working together to compile listings and photographs of all of Baldwin County's cemeteries and hope to make these available by this summer. If you know of an obscure or little-known cemetery, we'd like to hear from you. As these cemeteries become available online, please contact us if you know of unmarked graves that we should be aware of. We want everybody to participate in this worthwhile project.

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Please help the ACPA reach it's goal of registering every cemetery in the State of Alabama, old & new. We invite you to register your cemetery, or cemeteries, with the ACPA Cemetery Register. Please click the "Register A Cemetery" link located in the ACPA Cemetery Register box at the top of the page. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you very much for visiting the Baldwin County Page. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teresa Mathews, ACPA 1st VP and County Rep Coordinator, will be temporarily serving as the contact for Baldwin County until this position is filled, or until further notice. If anyone is interested in applying to serve as the ACPA County Rep for Baldwin County, please click the ACPA MAIL CENTER link below, and select either Teresa Mathews, 1st VP, or ACPA GENERAL CONTACT in the pull down list. Both of those will reach her and she would be happy to here from you.


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