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Madison County

Marker for Albert Russel - Maple Hill Cemetery
Welcome to Madison County! Madison County is the oldest county in North Alabama having been created by Mississippi Territory Governor Robert Williams on 13 December 1808. The first white settlers entered what is now Madison County in 1804. While we aren't sure which cemetery in Madison County is the oldest, there would have been burials shortly after the arrival of the earliest settlers. The Sivley Cemetery in Huntsville claims a date of 1805 but the earliest marker there is for Jacob Sivley who died in 1816. The Hobbs Cemetery in Huntsville claims the earliest gravestone in Madison County with a date of 1817 which we know now is not the oldest. Certainly Mt. Paran Cemetery in New Market is one of the earliest cemeteries with Maple Hill in Huntsville not far behind. Madison County is the final resting place of approximately 100 soldiers of the Revolutionary War. We know the actual burial site of approximately 35 of these 100 soldiers. These 100 soldiers are out of 700 to 800 total that are buried in the entire state of Alabama. The reason that Madison County has such a large percentage of Revolutionary War graves goes back to its early settlement date. The United State Geological Survey officially recognizes 328 cemeteries in Madison County; however, there are probably at least a hundred that were never listed on a government map. If you know of any "lost" cemeteries I would like to hear from you.

Your County Guide

As the ACPA Madison County Representative, it is my job to assist you in your endeavor to restore, preserve and adopt a cemetery in Madison County. I will be happy to guide you and help provide online assistance and information to Madison County citizens and businesses who have the desire to participate in this worthwhile cause. This site offers the convenience of cemetery registration, communications, and an abundance of important "how to's" to help get you started on saving you cemetery. Whether you are an individual, a family, an organization or business, you can adopt a cemetery in need in your area. There are many cemeteries that seem otherwise abandoned that have seen the ravages of time and vandalism. This may be your opportunity to act as responsible community citizens or groups to take up the cause for these places in peril.

Cemeteries in Need

Below are some(but certainly not all) of the Madison County Cemeteries that are in need.


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