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One of Lee Counties More Interesting Grave Markers

One of many interesting grave markers in Lee County is that of Albert Whatley. Albert died in France July 18, 1918 while serving in the United States Army. His grave marker at Mount Olive Primitive Baptist Church is carved in his likeness. Sadly it has been vandalized on more than one occasion like many others throughout the county. It was recently restored thanks to the efforts of the local Cemetery Committee.

Lee County Cemeteries Need Your Help!

While we have more than our share of weed eating, and grass mowing to do. We also have plenty of just general trash picking up. If you don't want to brave the Alabama heat we have lot's of work that can be done from the comfort of you home or office. Such as compiling a list of landowners many of which are large land holders such as paper companies. After such a list is compiled we could add contact info in case a someone wanted to visit the cemetery. Often times local hunting clubs are our best allies. We have some in depth work to be done from the home or office as well. Would someone research getting lost or damaged historical markers replaced? What about taking on the challenge of getting a new historical marker added? Want something more difficult! We have that as well can military markers be gotten for any of these interments? From the federal government? The Sons or Daughters Of The Confederate Veterans? These markers could be used at grave sites that have been damaged by time or vandals. You can reach me your Lee County Representative Norman Satterwhite at

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