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Houston County, AL

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Houston County

Houston County is the newest of the 67 Alabama counties and is located in the southeast bordering Georgia and Florida. It was fomed from parts of Henry, Dale and Geneva counties in 1903.

Known both as the Peanut Capitol of the World and the Heart of the Wiregrass, Houston County is named for Governor George Smith Houston who served twice in Congress but was denied his Senate seat immediately after the Civil War during reconstruction. Although there are numerous Civil War graves, Houston County has only one Revolutionary War soldier, Joseph Watford, who is buried at Big Creek United Methodist Church Cemetery approximately 10 miles SSW of Dothan on County Rd. 203.

There are between 150 and 178 cemeteries within Houston County and range from the well kept to the neglected. There is one which I am currently tracking where the farmer removed the stones and planted peanuts, thus obliterating all evidence of the family plot. Another is on a single family building lot for sale in my neighborhood which I shall try to rescue from anonymity once winter sets in hard and the snakes burrow underground. One overgrown cemetery was located by talking to EMTs working an accident scene out in the county. Others were discovered by a casual conversation with the Probate Judge who has subsequently identified numerous cemeteries thoughout the county. Alabama law provides for both felony and misdemeanor fines and incarceration for those who desecrate, deface, remove or destroy any monument of the dead. Won't you help us identify, in order to preserve, our past?


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