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Escambia County Now Has an ACPA County Rep!

Shannon Hall-Jones Escambia County Rep
Shannon Hall-Jones has been appointed as the ACPA Escambia County Representative. Please contact her if you have any questions or interest in the cemeteries in Escambia County. Inquiries are welcome.Click the ACPA Mail Center link below to contact Shannon.

Register Your Cemetery!

Please help the ACPA reach it's goal of registering every cemetery in the State of Alabama. We would like to invite you to register your cemetery or cemeteries with the ACPA Cemetery Register. Please click the "Register A Cemetery" link located in the ACPA Cemetery Register box at the top of the page.

LOST AND NEGLECTED CEMETERIES: The Alabama Cemetery Preservation Alliance is working to correctly locate, identify and photograph ALL of Escambia County's Cemeteries. Lost and obscure cemeteries especially need your help! If you know of an obscure or little-known cemetery, we would like to hear from you. They can be hiding down little traveled roads and trails, lost in the forests and woods, or long hidden on private property. Some can be as small as just one or two graves. Please contact us if you know of unmarked graves that we should be aware of. Help us locate these hard to find cemeteries. We would like everybody to participate in this worthwhile project. By registering a cemetery with the ACPA Cemetery Register, you will be helping to insure it's location and preservation, protected by State Law.

We at the ACPA would also like to remind everyone, while in their work to preserve Alabama’s cemeteries, please respect the land owners. Always ask for permission before entering private property. Thank you very much for visiting the ACPA Escambia County Page.

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It is my pleasure to serve you as the
ACPA Escambia County Representative.

Sincerely, Shannon Hall-Jones

To contact Shannon Hall-Jones, please visit the
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